Satantango ★★★★★

Do you guys know Bull of Heaven? When my ADHD was ultra fucked up (I couldn't have normal conversations without drifting away), they helped me a lot: I used their songs to help me concentrate and focus in one thing only. I'm drawing this comparison between Sátántangó and BoH songs because both are really, really long, 'boring', unchanging, 'dull' and I love them both.

I'm not gonna lie and say those 7+ hours flew by. They did not. I felt every single one of them, and that's how I think it should be; we get into these characters' shoes by sharing their cold emptiness, their despair, hopelessness, submission. This is a story very focused in the meaninglessness of life, and that alone will shun many viewers (beside the incredibly long running time). But the ending was one of the most perfect things ever. It's like Love Exposure all over again, a lengthy work that rewards immensely if you submit entirely to itself.

A noteworthy parallel is between Tarr and Tarkovsky, and while I think it's justifiable, to me they're different in essence. All the magic and wonderment, the elemental power that lies in each and every Tarkovsky does not exist in Béla Tarr's worlds. They are made up of sadness. Deep, deep sadness. And I can relate to that feeling.

A masterpiece.

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