Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Scream Factory Box set rewatch - diminishing returns as we move along the series. Watched with the actors commentary on, which was a pretty entertaining commentary.

So, here we have the highest grossing FT13 film until Freddy Vs Jason, which is aided by (or saddled with, depending on your opinion) the short-lived 1982 3D craze. Aside from the 3D, the primary thing this movie is notable for is the beginning of the hockey-masked Jason we all know and love. It's basically an inventive kill delivery machine with some vague shrugs towards characterization and only a vague hint at a connection to the previous film (only a TV news report references 2, and no one ever mentions Jason or Pamela Voorhees by name, but this theoretically takes place two days after 2 ends.). The cast does their best with the material, the effects are good, and I imagine it must have looked good in 3D in the theater (certainly better than the other films of the 1982-83 3D revival). Also, it has a terrible dance music theme and was shot on the West Coast and definitely looks it, unlike the first two films.

Can't necessarily recommend it as highly as the first two movies, and the last 90 seconds kinda ruins it for me as it makes no logical sense in the context of what's gone before in the film, but it's pretty okay.

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