Sorcerer ★★★★½

Seen at the Melbourne International Film Festival

Wow, wow wow wow. After It Follows last night, I thought I'd be able to have a few days break from sweat-inducing tension, but Friedkin's newly restored classic had other plans for me.

Sorcerer is more action packed then I imagined and moves at the briskest of paces, leading all the way down to its gutsy ending. It wastes no time introducing the 3 main characters and the downfalls of each of their lives, before you know you are in South America and these heavily flawed men are tasked with an almost unachievable job.

The film is so tightly wound that each scene feels unpredictable - that to me is something truly rare in cinema. Even the big names in this film don't feel safe. Friedkin manages to drip every last drop of tension out of Sorcerer, not stopping until the end credits roll - even the final shot will have you wiping sweat from your brow.

Dirty, dark, explosive and damn-near perfect - Friedkin's Sorcerer is a treasure that has been found, restored and should now receive its rightful place on the mantle. What a film, I can't tell you how pumped I am for seeing this on a big screen.