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  • Mulholland Drive
  • Solaris
  • Dead Man's Shoes
  • Upstream Color

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  • 80,000 Years Old


  • We, the Dead


  • Love Suicides


  • Blue


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  • 80,000 Years Old

    80,000 Years Old


    Rating 8

    A charming short film that has enough scope to become a feature. I'm normally hesitant when suggesting this because the mediums are very different. There's definitely more story here.

    Splitscreen provides an opportunity to pack more information in and the director utilises the technique with skill.

    Loved the subject matter and will reiterate a desire for more of this story.

    The lead is a wonderfully awkward character who I found compelling and well written.

    It certainly strides the border of 7/8 but this has enough going for it to merit the higher ranking.

    On Mubi now

  • We, the Dead

    We, the Dead


    Rating 8

    Finally watched a Yeo feature, unfortunately, missed the deadline for the other before Mubi cruelly took it offline.

    Do you here me Mubi! Cruelty!

    Anyway, back to it.

    Yeo's ability to bring intimacy to every aspect of his film is astounding. He's equally adept at removing it when he wants to create a sense of isolation.

    His transition from short to feature is natural, clearly understanding the different needs of both mediums.

    A story where morality, hopelessness, and…

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  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    Rating - 10

    While I did my best to reflect on this, daddy's who own a ill/spirited toddler don't have this luxury.

    Quick buller points of why O love this film (I'm in a foul mood):

    1 - Juliet Binoche = god-tier
    2 - Superb acting across the board
    3 - Juliet Binoche
    4 - I'm a sucker for classical music and the thematic link between the narrative and an orchestral piece
    5 - Some films deal with the themes…

  • The Fish Child

    The Fish Child


    Rating - 6

    This film is a headache to review. If ever there was a case example of a film that clutched defeat from the jaws if victory, this might be a strong contender.

    Strong acting, intriguing concept, astute choice of colour pallet and how it adheres to the tone. Puenzo seemingly has everything in place to create an excellent film.

    Unfortunately, in its attempt to retain a shroud of mystery, it becomes incoherent, and implausible - one scene in…