Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns ★★★★½

I’ll say this about the movie: it feels like a Mary Poppins film in that it carrys on the tradition of casting an incredibly likable and charasmatic actor who can’t do an accent for shit as the male lead

It’s rare to find a movie that feels timeless, but that’s exactly how Mary Poppins Returns feels. It feels like it could have come out a few years after the original, let alone 50+ years. This is very much a film that has a lot of love and respect for its source material, and sets out to recapture the same magic, and while I can’t say it fully sticks the landing in creating something as special and magnificent as the original, part of me also thinks that may have been the point. This is a film that seems less trying to recreate what the original created and more like it’s trying to create something that would feel at home alongside it, and in that regard, Mary Poppins Returns is beyond successful. While she’s no Julie Andrews level singer, Emily Blunt is still very good in both the singing and speaking moment as Mary. If Lin Manuel Miranda steals the show as Jack the Lamplighter, Meryl Streep absolutely runs away with it as Topsy. While the songs are not as good as the original, there’s still a ton of memorable songs, mainly Underneath The Lovely London Sky, Can You Imagine That, A Cover Is Not The Book, The Place Where Lost Things Go, Turning Turtle and Trip A Little Light Fantastic. Honestly I struggle to review this movie because it’s just.. it feels bad critiquing this movie. So 4.5/5 stars, would absolutely recomend

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