Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★½

“I hear you’re a horror fan.”

Even seeing Scream VI again a couple of days after its release; I'm really starting to love this movie even more. I do believe this is the best entry that we've gotten since Scream 2. Even the way everything plays out it certainly feels like it is. I love the brutality of this film and the final death could be one of the franchise's best moments. The sheer fact that they are acknowledging this as a franchise places the franchise back on the rails.

The last entries, even for as much as I have loved them, have derailed the episodic narrative that was being told. Radio Silence did a beautiful job at acknowledging the legacy of the franchise while also carving out their own future with the Carpenter sisters. The sheer fact that we have two protagonists to face off against the typical two antagonists is such a smart move. I love the fact that Sam Carpenter is clearly the final girl of this series now. No shade at Jenna Ortega's Tara but this is clearly Sam's story. The fact that Sam is so different than Sidney is brilliant. It's exactly what this franchise needed. Somehow Scream manages to keep reinventing itself and I'm here for it.

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