Carla Rodrigues

I have a very special place in my heart for cult and horror movies, but I can shift from Larry Cohen to Kurosawa in a heartbeat.

Favorite films

  • Jurassic Park
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Frances Ha
  • 12 Angry Men

Recent activity

  • Aftersun


  • Terrifier 2


  • Terrifier


  • New York Ninja


Recent reviews

  • Aftersun



    As slow paced as the feeling of sunbathing, Aftersun is regardless a captivating movie where a lot of what is happening goes unsaid. It trusts the actors to communicate, and they do so, slowly but surely. The movie tugs at your heart subtly, until the climax offers a release to the sound of "Under Pressure" - a candidate for best musical sequence of the year.
    In the end, you'll be wrecked, musing about the importance of memories and how they…

  • Terrifier 2

    Terrifier 2


    This is not my favourite kind of horror. There has been a time when I was super into slashers and I measured a movie’s enjoyment potential out of how much gore it had (probably one of the reasons why Peter Jackson’s Braindead got seared into my teenage brain and I always loved it since), but now I prefer horror movies that aren't exclusively based on flying, sloshing, spraying gore. You know, tastes evolve.

    That being said, I can’t deny I…

Popular reviews

  • Bruno Aleixo's Film

    Bruno Aleixo's Film


    Tenho sido uma fiel seguidora do universo Aleixiano desde os tempos em que os conselhos do Aleixo começaram a aparecer pelo Youtube. Desde aí, acompanhei o Senhor Bruno em tudo o que é encarnação - Aleixo na Escola, Programa do Aleixo, Aleixo Psi, espectáculos ao vivo, livros, podcasts, etc, etc. Mesmo assim, quando soube que ia haver um filme, fiquei na dúvida sobre o que isso poderia significar. Era-me difícil vislumbrar uma fórmula fácil para conseguirmos encaixar a companhia desta…

  • mother!



    It's been two days since I've watched this movie and I haven't stopped thinking about it. What a rewarding movie going experience. I love the multiple interpretations and the interesting conversations you can have around mother! Sadly, these days it's rare to watch wide release movies that dare to challenge you, so to me mother! deserves all the recognition it can get.

    Yes, it is surreal, visceral, and confusing. But it is an enriching and stimulating experience. Allow yourself to…