The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

How can you even begin to describe a movie like The Holy Mountain? It’s part surrealism, part mind trip, part spiritual journey, all wrapped into a visual delight that it’s so rich with symbolism you’ll probably only grasp it all after you watched this a few times. At times, the movie works mostly like a fever dream – with weird sequence upon weird sequence, mesmerizing colors and compositions – but it’s still a movie that is compelled by a message, by an idea of spirituality still in construction in Jodorowski’s mind, and that makes it a lot less random than it might appear on first sight. There's some questionable stuff, with animals for example, in the movie, but even those things bare reflection and analysis in light of the whole movie.

I’m always a sucker for movies that play with the exploration of the self, particularly through symbolism and mysticism, so this was incredibly up my alley and made me want to make a deep dive not just into more of Jodorowski’s filmography, but also on the multiple meanings of this movie as well. There are so many layers of meaning and I can’t wait to lift the veil on each of them.

It’s probably not a movie for everyone, but I greatly enjoyed this psychedelic journey.

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