Iron Monkey ★★★

I won't say this completely missed the mark for me, I just wish I liked the goings-on and the action as much as the characters. There's something about this that just comes across as too... smooth? Compared to a Shaw Brothers movie from the 70s that probably undercranks and uses wires to a similar extent, I just have trouble finding it equally charming in a 90s movie that is actually pretty ahead of the curve. Maybe it's all the Dutch angles? I don't know if you wanna call that hypocrite or whatever, I'm just saying that's what my gut tells me.

You have to give it to Yuen Woo-ping, though, the guy knew how to move along with the times. As an action director he probably remained more relevant than any of his peers, to this day.

Anyway: solid, but not entirely my bag.