Vox Lux ★★★½

Couldn’t put into words how I feel about Vox Lux but all I know is that Brady Corbet is great at what he does. It’s a strange and shocking film. This is a good thing. Impressed with the technical decisions he made and even more dumbfounded with how he approached a story of a pop star’s beginnings to her “resurgence” if you will. It is parallel to his movie The Childhood of a Leader. Included are themes about gun violence, drugs and perceptions about the music industry. Honestly, my jaw dropped halfway through the second act as soon as I realized why it was called regenesis. I see how it is Mr. Corbet. Much Respect. Furthermore, I can’t possibly stress how incredible Natalie Portman’s notable turn as the difficult and striking Celeste. Career best if you ask me. I forgot how great she is! This film is also carried by such fine performances by Jude Law, Stacey Martin, Jennifer Ehle and Raffey Cassidy. Christopher Abbott is there for a hot minute but it was one of my favorite scenes.

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