Tenet ★★★½

Don't try to understand it. Feel it.

I'M BAAAAAAAAACK! \(^0^)/ Oh what a relief, it felt so good to be back at the cinema after all these months ...and what better than the new Nolan film to make this comeback to the big screen. Seriously, and you letterboxd people know that ...but experience cinema at the theater is the ultimate feeling for us, the movie lovers.

This screening was basically me and three other people in a matinee, taking my precautions, ya know!? ❎😷❎

I was so excited about this new Nolan movie, so much that I didn't pay attention to it or even watched the trailer even though lots of friends shared it to me, I went totally blind to appreciated it that it blew so hard my mind, it was mental!

It was deep/hard sci-fi, Nolan went totally nuts with this time concept, this time fetish he has and constantly leads his movies. I didn't know what to expect, everything was going fast tempo and although it was a movie over the two hours it never stopped amazing me.

The cast was absolutely great, everybody in their character were so impressive but it was Sir Michael Caine whoo took me by surprise even though his participation is so small but I have a lot of appreciation for him. Kenneth Branagh surprised me so much too, he did it great as the 'heavy' in this movie. However, Pattinson and Washington pair were so extraordinary, great actors, splendid characters. And Elizabeth Debicki, my gosh! *v*)

It was meant to be loaded with so much information, way too mind-blowing in concept ...like a doubled or tripled version of 'Inception', and I loved it but I might need a second view since it was way too much for a first time.

Cinema: 2020 #16

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