Se7en ★★★★★

"What's in the box?"

There's not a lot of films out there that I've seen that I find to be flawless but Se7en has got to be one of them. (let's ignore the confusing title - I mean really, they could have just left it at 'seven' but whatever).

First off I have to give some serious points to Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey especially in this film. Morgan Freeman was great too but Pitt and Spacey really stole the show for me. They portrayed their characters brilliantly.

The scene that stands out most to me would be the last 10-15 minutes of the film. I have never been so stressed out whilst watching a film before. So much is packed in to the last few minutes of the film it just leaves the viewer in total shock. The final stand off between Pitt and Spacey's characters is a masterpiece to experience. You can see the confliction and the pain going through Pitt's character so clearly. Despite the extremity of their actions, all of the characters are so believable and real.

This film is so brutal and honest, I'm forever going to be amazed that Se7en didn't get more recognition. Brad Pitt's performance was Academy Award-worthy in my eyes.

Even if psychological thrillers aren't really your thing, I highly recommend you watch Se7en. I was left in awe as the credits rolled. It's very rare I'm this blown away by a film.

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