• Daughters of Darkness

    Daughters of Darkness


    A modern (for the time) take on the story of Elizabeth Báthory. A vampire film that adds a little history, I loved it.

  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

    Valerie and Her Week of Wonders


    Such an odd one, but oh so good and definitely worth your time.

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    I'm generally not one of Zombie films, but thing is a dang great one. George A. Romero was the king of Zombies.

  • Viy



    I had also recently watched Black Sunday, which both films are based off the same story and was hoping for an exciting different take. Well it was definitely different, but not very exciting.

  • Onibaba



    Another great Japanese horror that plays off mythology. It's an odd and at times disturbing film, that is definitively worth the watch.

  • Diabolique



    What an ending

  • Cat People

    Cat People


    In a Boys club time of Horror, we get a female  lead, fantastic film. Plus cats

  • The Wolf Man

    The Wolf Man


    Bela Lugosi has been a vampire, a zombie maker, and now they sneak him in as a werewolf.

  • The Bride of Frankenstein

    The Bride of Frankenstein


    Was a little disappointed in this one. All the hype around the bride and she’s barely in it. I did however like the contrast between the bride for the monster and Dr Frankenstein’s bride.

  • The Black Cat

    The Black Cat


    Bela Lugosi just being in everything (and I’m okay with it)

  • The Old Dark House

    The Old Dark House


    A great weird time. There’s love, there’s comedy, there’s definitely a old dark house!

  • White Zombie

    White Zombie


    Another fantastic performance by Bela Lugosi. This is an odd one and I loved it.