The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ★★★

probably my least favorite. it's just purely dumb but it's fun to laugh at the terrible terrible cgi baby and the weird writing (YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCH NESS MONSTER????). not to mention jacob still fully falling in love with an infant. still weird. i thought the whole bringing different vampire friends together from around the world was a fun idea though. and i have to say, if i was a die hard twilight fan in 2012 standing in the movie theater watching that end credits sequence where it showed every single character i would literally be bawling my eyes out. really feels like the end of an era which is sad. idk. i just remember watching this in the theater when i was like 9 not really getting it because half the movies came out while i was barely even literate. anyways. this franchise gets so much shit (and it deserves a lot of it honestly) but it really goes to show what an impact movies and books has on people and culture and i honestly miss the era when all of these YA book adaptations were coming out (divergent, hunger games, even maze runner) because it was just fun to look forward to stuff. man that's depressing. idk it's just fun to pretend it's still 2012 for an hour and 47 minutes before having to return to the hell that is 2020.