Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

homeward bound in red shoes....a little bit of dragging, a little bit of skipping, like the excruciating anxiety of adult existence, somewhere between being a child and being dead. he's both of those to himself anyway !

say what you want about Vincent Gallo (I know I have) but his artistic instincts are exactly right. form is the whole of his film, like all great artists he observes but refuses to comment, he pulls you in and lets you stir. we all have that one thing that brings us back to ourselves. there are moments beyond us where it happens too. i feel almost too much when I watch this, like god DAMN it makes me want to be alive.

she thinks his dad is singing, he needs her to send photos every Christmas. he finally pees, the motel is safe until it's too much at once, he wants to kill until he remembers there have been good things. a heart shaped cookie can bring you down to earth, up from down and down to up. for me, it was a ring.

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