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it’s taken me literally 2 years to review this movie but it’s okay because i remember the date and everything.  it was the day before i went back  to tennessee for school and i saw it with braden devine. the lights were on the entirety of the movie but b and i were too hypnotized to go ask for someone to turn them off. i associate this movie with change obviously bc that’s one of the themes but also because i saw it in a time in my life where i needed it. i knew my female friendships were beautiful and important but i had never seen them be as beautiful and important on a screen like that. i knew i was pretentious and stubborn but i had never seen it like that. i cried when they danced at prom and when they talked on the bridge. i cried at the scene in the car where they’re singing crash and anytime the priest who directed the play said anything and oh god any scene with her mom. so i was crying for a good bit.
braden cried at the scene outside the cafe where danny sobs on lady birds shoulder and i feel like i should be able to write out my emotions about holding his hand during that scene but i Still cant. 
 i would never show my mom a movie with the word “fuck” in it or any sex scene because HELLO! that’s insanity. but i showed my mom this movie and we both cried and it made us both softer. 
i feel a LOT and greta knows that and panders to me. i love dis movie and i walked away from it different.

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