The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ★★★★★

Ok it’s about time I’ve reviewed this masterpiece. In my opinion the LOTR trilogy is the best trilogy ever. To top it off The Fellowship of the Ring is the best of the three; and probably one of the best movies ever. 

The pacing is flawless.
The intro monologue sets up the world of Middle Earth, and everything that follows brings the world to life. The breathtaking views and score of the shire till this day still make me feel warm and cozy inside. It’s a moment of tranquility before our heroes are thrust into the  unknown world beyond. And beyond is a multitude of amazing set pieces that bring to life the scope, majesty, beauty, and danger that Middle Earth has in store.

Another of the reasons this movie stands out above the others in my mind, is the characters.
The Fellowship is the only one of the three where the entire group is together throughout most of the film (Probably why it’s called The Fellowship of the Ring). As a viewer it’s just so fun to see all of these characters interact in unique ways with one another. This movie begins to show us the dynamics of how these characters will interact and defend each other as the films go on. Making it all the more tragic when the fellowship breaks.

I could talk about this movie forever, but if I’m like anyone else I hate reading a lot of condensed words. So here you go. 💯/ 💯

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