Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★★

one of my favorites in the franchise, and for good reason. everything that lucas was aiming for finally seems to align and make sense. not only did the dialogue improve but so did the pacing,story, and pretty much everything the previous two strived for. the development of anakin, primarily this alone, was incredible to watch and how his love for padme was not only his motive but demise. the third act alone brought us some of the best scenes in some of the whole series with fight on mustafar, order 66, and seeing how it was all resolved to link in with A New Hope. even with minor flaws of some silly dialogue or action sequences, it still holds up. this one defiantly gets a bad wrap, especially when put with the first two, but when it’s flaws are put aside its a great addition in the series.

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