Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

this was even better the second time around. the thor movies have always been the weakest link in MCU, but with this third entry in the trilogy it gave him a much needed revamp. taika waititi did an incredible job adding so much style and flair to this, making thor a much more fascinating character than anything we’ve seen him in previous. the aesthetics and tone was the innovation this film needed, aided by a glorious synth rock soundtrack to give the action scenes some much needed style. the humor all throughout was so enjoyable, especially coming from korg. cate blanchett gave one of the best performances aside from goldblum as hela. she is defiantly one of the more better villains in the MCU and for good reason as shown. the performances by hemsworth,goldblum, thompson, hiddleston, and waititi were also all fantastic and made for such an enjoyable watch. thor: ragnarok is easily one of the best in the MCU to date.

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