Lupin III: The First

Lupin III: The First ★★★½

Finally had the time to sit down and watch this and loved it. I’m more of a recent fan of Lupin compared to most people who’ve seen this movie but I still think this is an OK way to get into the series. Obviously it’s not the first thing I’d recommend as a starting point (Part 2 of the anime gets the job done really well, especially the dubbed version which is absolute gold) but it’s a very entertaining movie. The animation is gorgeous, it perfectly adapts the characters into 3D without it being too jarring and it’s wonderfully expressive. The plot may be a little derivative for some, it’s a very “classic” movie to a fault, but it told a solid story, all the while set to a, obviously fantastic, smooth as fuck soundtrack as per usual for the series. You can watch it subbed or dubbed and get an enjoyable experience (I’m very partial to Lupin’s dubs myself).