Burning ★★★½

I have to say this was a bit disappointing. Slow paced storyline and too long (TOO DAMN LONG) to the point that when you get those last 40 minutes – which is what defines this film as a masterpiece by many - it doesn’t have much of an impact. You realize early on what Ben (Steven Yeun) is truly doing so there’s no surprise and we get no true closure because actions done by the characters are in some way never answered.

Sure, I understood that the film is based mostly on our take of perception and moral. Yeun’s character relays strongly on this because the greenhouses, as he says, “It’s like they’re all waiting for me to burn them down”. It feels like a masterpiece. It is a masterpiece. But I couldn’t envision my liking for this film if you had taken away Yoo Ah-In’s performance, the incredible cinematography and the artistic overall vision of director Lee Chang-Dong.

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