Captain Marvel ★★★

Higher. Further. Faster.

Fun. Thrilling. Exciting.

Marvel origin stories tend to gravitate towards the personal struggle of each hero to finally let go of what’s holding them back, to know that they don’t have anything to prove and that their emotions are their strongest power (re: Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man). And even though we’ve seen this countless times, Captain Marvel does an amazing job at making us enjoy it one more time.

It’s fun and endearing. It doesn’t force comedy which is what makes it funny when it has to be. Brie Larson delivered the future of the MCU in our arms and though this is barely the first glimpse of her adventure, I’m quite excited to see what’s in store for the future.

What an amazing time to be growing up right now in the age of superheroes. Where a boy can dream of wielding a powerful shield and a girl can aspire to reach for the stars.

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