Us ★★★★

I’m completely against the notion that Jordan Peele is the next Alfred Hitchcock because truly, Jordan Peele is the first Jordan Peele.

When a filmmaker puts out good work consistently it tells you that they bring everything that they have to the table, treating the project as if it were their last. Peele successfully does this by maintaining himself into the intensity and ambition of Get Out (2017) yet delivering something completely unique, terrifying and clever.

“Us” is heated, crazy, vengeful, frantic and frightening in all the right ways, carried out by a superb unpredictable story and a stellar cast. Lupita Nyong’o is a clear standout exploring the themes of true villainy and horror. The film in itself is a warning.

Can’t say it’s perfect. There were some bumps in the road for me. Still, it is without a doubt a great follow up to “Get Out” which lets us know that Peele can deliver when challenged.

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