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  • Tenet



    Numbing garbage. Never been a Nolan-head, but this is embarassing. Generic thudding Zimmer-lite sounds, "characters" with "feelings," maybe the most cringe-adjacent line ever in a Nolan (something about "buying me dinner first" while being frisked made me wish Protagonist shoved some plates into my skull). Genuinely alarming how half-assed the writing here is, like bad-Tom-Clancy-tier. Every performer looks like they're counting down the seconds until they can leave the set. I was actually somewhat looking forward to this one, thinking…

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    Sorrow for a life lived in infamy. Families fade into vapor, bodies become inoperable prisons, and the mind, in its stew of regrets, houses pain immemorial, never to mend. An olive branch of empathy from the great chronicler of American vice.