Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

This was fine! It was exactly what you'd imagine if someone said "Disney owns Star Wars and they're making a bunch of side-stories." It's inoffensive, and doesn't challenge you or the concept of Star Wars in any way. It's full of winking nods to single lines from the nine other movies and two cartoon shows that preceded it, which add nothing and answer questions that were better off in your imagination.

This movie shines a bright light on every corner of the existing universe, rather than build something new - something I think a lot of now angry people wanted from Episode VII and VIII. But it was a bad idea there, and here it just

That being said, there are moments of this movie that are exactly what I'd want from a this kind of thing - Han Solo and Chewbacca having an adventure - but rather than just do that, it spends way too long telling us how and why we got there.

EDIT: Oh jeeze and in a list of all the stupid things that never in a million years needed an explanation, [SPOILER] the origin of Han's last name has to be #1. [END SPOILER]

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