Uncut Gems ★★★★

I recognize this is an extremely high quality movie but wow was this miserable for me. Huge swaths of it are grown men screaming “Fuck me? Fuck you!” over one another for minutes on end. It’s expertly deployed (especially in one teeth grinding sequence in the middle of the movie), but it’s for sure a scenario I spend 99% of my time working very hard to avoid. I also get very anxious in movies where someone keeps self sabotaging over and over. So the combination of the two just... I did not have a Good Time at the movies.

Some stray thoughts:

 • If it wasn’t for Action Bronson in The Irishman, The Fat Jewish would be the most distracting cameo of the year. (Also kind of fuck the Safdie Brothers for putting money in his pockets? Kind of?)
 • Put Judd Hirsch in more movies! 
 • Bogosian! How fucking good is Bogosian in this?!
 • I only ever see it in movies but gambling on sports seems like an unholy nightmare.

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