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  • Castle in the Sky

    Castle in the Sky


    Steampunk inflected magic.

  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    We’re supposed to glory in the excess, too much is never enough kind of thing. 

    You’ve got to earn your exemption to the rules though, the coolness has gotta be so cool it surpasseth all preposterousness. Sure, the John Wick Miniverse kinda cool… so does it earn it? Nope, it wastes the coolness through repetition ad nauseum, and the resulting boredom only leads to irritation.

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  • Never Look Away

    Never Look Away


    Quite the epic. A fiction inspired by the life of painter Gerhard Richter, Florian Henckel van Donnersmarck's Werk Ohne Autor (which literally means Work Without Author, and could have been translated as Uncredited Work, or simply Anonymous) tells the story of Kurt Barnert, a prodigiously talented boy growing up on the outskirts of Dresden, Germany in the 1930s, who witnesses the bombing of that city and the destruction of his family in the 1940s, who trains as an artist in…

  • Out of Blue

    Out of Blue


    What a slow-burning piece of shit. What an irretrievable stinker. What a dump-truck of dumb. This is not the film that you describe by saying "Not even the estimable Patricia Clarkson could save this sorry celluloid", this is the film that took the preternaturally gifted Ms Clarkson and broke her. This is the film where director Carol Morley told Patsy Clarkson to stare off blankly into space, and "I'll film that for 4 hours".

    Of course TIFF claims that the…