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  • X2



    From the instant John Ottman's incredible X-Men theme blasts full volume, I always get ready for a great ride. Better than the original in almost every aspect. It's less ponderous, and just has great momentum to it. The action is better, the pacing is improved, it's just a really well-made blockbuster. The themes are a bit on the nose, especially with the cartoonishly evil and bigoted villain, but you can't say that's not something you see in real life.

    Personally could've used more Cyclops though.

  • X-Men



    Yeah, this movie is pretty good. It's rather effective as an intro to the x-men if it's going to be set after they've already been formed. It's also really good at demonstrating the prejudices that drive the series. Most of all, holy crap the casting in this movie is iconic. Almost everyone cast here is pitch-perfect, regardless of if I wish they were used more. So yeah, I just gotta give this movie credit.

    There is one aspect to it…

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  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    Look, even if I disagree with you, I can understand and respect how one might love or even prefer MCU or TASM Spider-Man.

    BUT I'll never understand how anyone could think this is anything less than a great movie. Holy shit, from the Comedy to the Action to the Score to the Drama to the EMOTION. Its everything I love about Movies, about Superheroes and about Stories in general. God damn is it a masterpiece.


  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Still perfect. I get chills during basically every scene, it's that good. I also teared up at like 4 moments. This movie just hits me on every level I could possibly want it to. It's a goddamn work of cinematic ART.