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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Brace yourself fer Neptune's wrath 'n drink t' yer heart's content 'cause ye shall know Th' Lighthouse 'n it shall ne'er relent. - Captain Robert Eggers of USS A24, circa 1890.

    TIFF19 #4

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  • David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

    David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

    David's impeccable conviction permeates in this documentary. I'm shaken by the message and more importantly inspired. It's easy to find the doom in gloom in our current climate but that ray of light still exists and Attenborough is pointing right at it.

  • Aquaman



    Epic as always

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  • Disco



    A film that is all too familiar. Someone who isn't Christian will be scratching their head after this and probably would just lump this as another film criticizing Christian cults. To these people, YOU WILL NOT RELATE.

    As a Christian raised in a pentecostal household, this is a movie about Christian denominations, their imperfections and an all too relatable coming-of-age with Jesus. I'm putting on my Bible thumping hat for this. The psychology of growing up in a Christ-centered household…

  • While at War

    While at War


    TIFF19 #2

    While at War is Alejandro Amenbár's heartbroken love letter to Spain. A letter that is full of conflict and intellectual warfare.

    As one who is unfamiliar with this time in history, it was a refreshing treat to learn and also enjoy the performances of this very beautifully shot film.