Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★★

I love it when a movie is deeply intense just because of its argument and the way the actors portrait it. This movie really shows you a lot of what is being human, flesh and bone, and it can rip you apart because you can recognize yourself in a lot of what you see, and it doesn’t even apologize for it. It feels scary but also, in a certain way, very warm.
I’ve read a lot of comments from a lot of people before I saw this movie saying “I never want to get married ever”, but I got the exact opposite feeling from it. That moment he sang in the bar made me realize that. After all, what more can we get out of this life, rather than giving yourself to others and carrying whatever comes with it? It is, in fact, the only thing that really keeps us “alive”.

(side note: yesterday was the 77h Golden Globes Ceremony and I’m disappointed the actors didn’t get their well deserved awards.)