I tend to rate things a little high.
As a general rule, anything I rate 2.5 or less I probably wouldn’t recommend.

Favorite films

  • Psycho
  • A Fantastic Fear of Everything
  • Trick 'r Treat
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse

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  • Beyond the Gates

    Beyond the Gates


    "I just don't want to end up some drunk weirdo with an irrelevant video store."

    Let's be honest, no matter how good or bad this movie may be, it was NEVER going to live up to the awesome cover art (This poster was pretty good too).

    I can't say I really loved or hated this. It was just okay. It never really got off the ground, to be honest. It's not quite fun, silly, or creepy enough to stand out. It's…

  • The Good Son

    The Good Son


    I never watched Home Alone as a kid. I saw The Good Son instead. I wonder if that's where my life went wrong...

Recent reviews

  • There's Snow Escape!

    There's Snow Escape!


    Micro budget horror about some people out in the woods and a killer snowman.

    Well, it did what it promised, there were snowman murders. The killer snowman costume and murders are actually pretty decent and fun. It has the typical zany over-the-top characters of no budget movies, if you’re into that. And the soundtrack was pretty good.

    Also… this is set in the summer, which was unexpected for a killer snowman movie. My brain still wants to classify it as a Christmas/holiday horror.

  • The Third Saturday in October Part V

    The Third Saturday in October Part V


    I think I loved this even more upon rewatching. It’s perfect for what it is, and is exactly what I want from a self aware slasher set in the 90s.

    It really nails the Fall/Halloween vibe, as well as that nostalgic feeling of being a kid and going to the video store with your babysitter. The kills are pretty fun. It has a few laugh out loud moments. The characters are memorable enough.
    And there are cats! I really relate…

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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Well, I've been snowed in my house for two days now, so at some point I had to rewatch The Shining. Both of them. I decided to go with the Mick Garris/Stephen King miniseries first.

    For anyone who doesn't know, Stephen King has always been vocal about his disdain for the Stanley Kubrick film. He didn't agree with the casting of Jack Nicholson among other things, so he decided to work on a miniseries adaptation with director Mick Garris, who by this…

  • Cry Wilderness

    Cry Wilderness


    MST3K: The Return #2
    Rating is based on the film.
    5 stars for MST3K.

    The host segments don't stand out too much in this episode (but really, how could they top that song from Reptilicus?). The movie riffing is very strong in this episode though. Honestly, what is going on with this movie?? I know nothing about the making of Cry Wilderness, but I have to assume they just wasted their entire budget and efforts on trained animals and said…