Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★½

Being dropped into a world of deceit, paranoia and confusion for a mammoth amount of time is akin to being trapped in a web. At the close of Out 1 it doesn't feel cathartic, but instead disorienting. The mystery at the centre was never going to be solved, because positions of power that are hidden beneath the surface so rarely make themselves known. The ending is instead a detachment, another web for another soul to solve, but things are even trickier at the mere assertion that maybe the supernatural is of gesture. What if you could convey a paranormal simply be reputation, and what if that reputation becomes real? Words twist, collateral damage rises, and drinks are served. The interconnecting stories never cohere in a whole that is satisfying, but that is also part of the journey. For Rivette is always narrative, but the meaning of the narrative is never as important as chasing the rabbit.

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