Persuasion ★★

As an adaptation- horrible, this movie completely failed to capture the characters of the original novel and their decision to turn Anne into a character more like Emma was misguided. They spent so much time painting Anne as the outcast black sheep (made painfully obvious by the dark colors they put Dakota Johnson in) of the family that they forgot to develop the relationships. Anne’s Fleabag-like third wall breaking and wit, along with her bizarre relationship with William Eliot make the Anne of the movie completely unrecognizable from the Anne in the book. The creators of this movie clearly saw the changing cultural tide of people loving witty, complicated female characters and decided to turn Anne into Fleabag. 
     Without looking at it as an adaptation, but as a movie in its own right, there are some aspects that I liked, for instance most of the soundtrack (besides that last song), but it still wasn’t a great movie. I did find myself liking the aesthetics of the first half, images of the country side along with Dakota Johnson’s soothing voice made it a nice experience, however the aesthetics really took a hit after the party moved to Bath. I also didn’t care for how the relationship between Anne and Wentworth was constantly lamented about, and yet we never really got to see why they cared for each other. At some point you really started to wonder if Anne was just childishly holding onto a love that she idealized
from her youth. They honestly didn’t seem to have much chemistry as a couple, and I can’t tell if it was the movies fault, or if the actors just didn’t go together.

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