Eternals ★★★½

I got to see this on Thursday morning. Wasn’t very excited or bothered going into it but I was wrong to be like that. Overall it’s a different direction for Marvel, and I know that has been said before, but it’s definitely fresh and worthwhile. 

The long run time did get to me, and there’s times it’s a bit drawn out and overly dramatic, there’s not a load of action scenes and not all of them are great, but it’s the story and the cinematography that make this good. The characters, and there are a lot of them, are entertaining and you do get attached to them rather quickly. 
Not to be biased but Barry Keoghan as Druig was very good and provided a lot of comic relief but it was Kumail Nanjiani that stole the show for me, some really good funny moments involving him. 

The action scenes are plentiful but I didn’t love the final battle as such. 

The end credits scenes (one in particular) will divide some, I definitely didn’t like one but I guess I can try to understand the reasoning behind it. 

I worked the Irish premiere last night with Barry Keoghan in attendance. He did a pretty funny Q&A and posed for pictures with everyone. Pretty sound for a local guy cast in such a big film. 

Definitely worth a look, I was on the fence but I’m very happy I saw it.

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