Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

So, Thor Ragnarok. 

Let me all tell you how my evening went fellow Letterboxers. 

I’m just home after seeing this films Irish premiere. Taika Waititi was was in attendance and did the best Q&A I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. He was hilarious. Such a genuine guy. He even mingled with the crowd after while there was tonnes of free booze. 

Anyway, while I’ll still watch the movie again in IMAX, Ragnarok is unlike any Marvel film we’ve seen before. And the poster does tell us that to be fair. 

It’s funny, it’s more sincere and real than any standalone yet. 

It’s a great film in relation to what’s yet to come. Hulk is still my favourite Marvel character, always has been, and while Banner’s hulk out in Avengers is still one of my favourite Marvel scenes yet, and it’s refreshing to see his character evolution. 

I want to say more but I won’t spoil anything, even in my drunken state. All marvel fans will see this and I think they’ll enjoy it. Non fans shouldn’t bother. 

I got my photo with Taika and now I await the hangover. 

Goodnight everyone.

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