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  • Eye in the Sky

    Eye in the Sky


    It took a while to get going but once it did I was fully engaged in the story. 

    A good take on morals, puts you in the drivers seat and really makes you think. 

    A very good cast and some smart writing. 

    A very good way to spend 90+ minutes.

  • Se7en



    Gripping, violent, intense & raw. 

    You know what you’re getting into with a David Fincher Movie, there’s good writing, a compelling story and usually a couple hours you won’t soon forget. 

    Sometimes rough to watch but the pay off is worth it.

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  • Aquaman



    I had very high hopes for Aquaman, and my hopes were met, not exceeded. 
    Some quick thoughts...

    It’s a beautiful film to watch and there’s a great soundtrack to boot.

    Momoa and Heard work very well together and have great chemistry. The action scenes are wonderful and plentiful. 

    Was it as serious as I would’ve liked? No
    Is it kick ass and lots of fun? Definitely 

    I can’t wait to see it again.

  • Venom



    Ah Venom, at least you tried. 

    Full disclosure, I did enjoy this. Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams make this so much more worthwhile than it has any right to be. 

    But is enjoying a film simply enough? Perhaps. But what we have on offer here is a pretty bad script, an unspectacular story and dated CGI. Honestly, if you said this came out in 2012 or earlier and Hardy was only starring as Bane now you might just look back…