Targets ★★★½

the elcochran90 discord, recommended by seventhpersona

violence without reason, a new horror literally dawning over america. bagdanovich's unsettling realist portraits of america capturing the panics of mass shootings into a blunt commentary on a nation that ignores the mental health of it's military vets and allows any person can buy guns and ammo with no background checks truly feels like a genuine statement and reflection of these post-vietnam anxieties. for me, this is the most compelling component of the film for me as aesthetically it's drained, rendering each murder as disturbingly ordinary and nonsensical. however, boris karloff's main plot where he's a washed up actor sort of faulters. thematically it makes sense, but much of the exchanges just reminded me that this is a movie. isn't this so meta? maybe back then it was refreshing but for me it doesn't hold up. but it's hardly fatal to the film. it's cinematography, with it's one takes, extreme wides, and also the fast zoom-ins to imitate the bullets being fired. one of the better debuts i've ever seen, i wonder how bagdanovich carries his realist techniques into his following films.

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