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This review may contain spoilers.

This is a difficult film. The structure reminded me somewhat of Chantal Ackerman's "Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles", however Parasite packs a lot more action and corrupt characters than the former. The film follows a family of unemployed people, who devise a plan to "steal" all of the "servant" jobs in a house owned by a rich couple with two children. The poor family is obviously unethical (as they plot to get other people fired), however the way Bong Joon Ho portrays them in their poverty, makes the viewer side with them at times.
As the family starts getting more money, their moral compass does not shift - they only appear to get more greedy, for example when the rich family goes camping, they spend the night in this massive house to try and see what it feels like being rich, drinking a lot of alcohol and making a mess. There is also an interesting scene where they discuss being poor or rich and how that shapes ones' personality.
In essence, this film is a conversation about the tensions between the various classes in our society. Most if not all of the characters in the film are amoral, shady, slightly rude or self-centred. People who are poor are just trying to survive brutally, whereas the rich characters are smug and complain about the smell of common people.
The plot has a lot of surprising twists, is a bit scary at times and quite brutal to the main characters. Towards the end there is a very violent scene that feels like the culmination of all these tensions - please note that this scene might disturb some viewers.
Beautifully made this is a film that will make you think about society and how it is built, even if it might be too intense at first viewing.

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