Annette ★★★★

The main thing I drew from Holy Motors and Mauvais Sang (and mainly from the former) is that Carax seems to think that the optimal way to achieve emotional catharsis through his films is by fully embracing the ridiculousness and farce-like nature of the act itself of sitting and watching a film, an artifice, as the best way I can possibly put it. I think you can safely compare it to the end of The Holy Mountain to know what I’m talking about, or not. It makes sense in my head I swear.

Anyway, I think the reason I liked Annette considerably more than the last two films I mentioned before is simply because here I can see the most confident and self-realized Carax I’ve seen thus far in his filmography, and also the most unhinged and corrosive to the audience, which is I imagine why a lot of people would hate this. The point is I finally think I understood what Carax is trying to tell me: monke poo poo haha Adam Driver ass 🔥

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