What's Eating Gilbert Grape ★★★★

What's Eating Gilbert Grape tells the story of young man, who lives in a small town called Endora, and has to take care of his handicapped brother and his obese mother with the help of his two sisters, after their father committed suicide for no apparent reason. The brothers don't live an easy life and they had to grow up fast since their mother due to the misfortune was carried away by sadness.

The performance by Leonardo DiCaprio is absolutely amazing! We look at him and is impossible not to think that he is not actually mentally disabled. His acting is impeccable and at that time he was already showing his amazing acting skills. Johnny Depp has the leading role, which he portrays very well but I think is really Leo who steals the show. The chemistry between the two actors is evident that helped to create a believable story too.

This film is a very beautiful and touching. Will make you feel different emotions throughout the story with very sad situations along the way but also happy and funny moments that will warm your heart. It just simply shows a day-to-day life of people that had to learn early how is to be an adult and face difficult situations.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape is incredibly touching. Worth watching.

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