Waking Life

Waking Life ★★★★

i have never lucid dreamed (although the dreams i have every night about playing football are pretty realistic - last night, there were even fears about social distancing), but i rate this film purely for the animatory exposition of lucid dreaming. i found nearly all of the chat in it to be silly dumb dumb (which it's not meant to be) except for the 'holy moment' bit which was really cute and linklater's anecdote at the end, purely for the element of plot tension and the protagonist's quest. i did however enjoy the portrayal of many brands of earnest philosophical weirdo - they're all just tryna live an authentic life and i respect that even if they are a bit confused imo. however they all pale in comparison to the classics like diogenes and pythagoras. i definitely used to be one of these and boy am i glad to not be one anymore. wild that alex jones of infowars has a cameo section in this film - yes, that happens - before he was even particularly famous presumably?