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This review may contain spoilers.

"Do you feel held by him?"

Want a film that chills every bone in your body? That shines a light on the most forefront flaws found in youth today? A film that doesn't shy away from the gruesome and unpleasant and downright nasty parts of life? That leaves you puzzling over who's right and who's wrong, or maybe the very questioning of morality is fruitless in this version of reality that Ari Aster has carved out. A film that solidifies Florence Pugh as one of the most talented up incoming actors. Or maybe you wish to laugh at the very foolish attitudes that are prominent in young adults, all of which can be found in Will Poulter's comedic addition. Or perhaps you want to explore romance and experience a representation of modern day dating that is harsh and honest, that emphasizes the emotional backlash of lies and incompatibility.

Midsommar has been described by many as a psychological horror and without a doubt it plays to the very essential parts of this genre, but the aspect which I dearly love about this film is how effortlessly it blends other genre traits into it's story, with themes of comedy, romance, thriller and drama because it encapsulates how the often life can't be narrowed down to one genre.

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