Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill ★★½

a weird mix of jokes that feel genuinely, cuttingly despairing in the best existential sense of the word (my mom would love the bit about 'it is what it is'), cringeworthy dad jokes (the, uh, Masai tribesmen reference) and extended references about pop tarts--with a genuinely random, secret-gent framing, that all combines to create a product that feels weirdly dated--I'm assuming this was taped just prior to Coronavirus descending on America, and Seinfeld's humor in particular, with its focus on daily minutae and discomfort over life's tiny everyday indignities, feels like it's ....lacking by not acknowledging how things have changed. What this is, is essentially bemoaning a normal that doesn't exist anymore, and I imagine that must grate just a little, especially given how thoroughly Seinfeld workshops and develops his material (I would much rather watch the process by which he figured out what version of that 'my life sucks, just not quite as much as yours' joke to make it palatable, rather than the finished product)

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