Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

The latest MCU iteration of Spider-Man continues to feel a little weird to me, but Tom Holland is a great presence, and seems to be enjoying himself, so here's to what seem to be the next ten years that he's going to be carrying this thing on his shoulders, based on the way this film positions him as the next Iron Man--as long as it's also a decade with some Miles Morales stories, I won't feel too sad. (Also going for this film, it is very funny in places and has a terrific Mysterio--as a fan of old bubblehead going back to his saturday morning cartoon days who figured we'd probably never get a decent Mysterio in film form, this one is very enjoyable, and Jake Gyllenhaals the heck out of the part after what seems like a slow start. Also, I saw this film in 3D and despite a couple of questionable bits (Peter hoping from platform to platform in Venice while he was trying to dodge the water elemental) for the most part the 3D felt integrated into the story in clever ways, particularly with the drones, and made for some genuinely beautiful touches, such as cinders drifting past the characters, that sort of thing. Marvel's 3D has come a long way since THOR is what I'm trying to say here.

It still feels hard to get too excited about this cinematic universe project post-Endgame (the opening gag with the student slideshow does a decent job of trying to get ahead of it, but c'mon guys) but they're so good at this thing by now it's hard to really pick at the loose threads too much. Like Mysterio says, people need to believe in something!

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