The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★

Nice to see this and realize where some of the shots (in films ranging from THE SEVENTH SEAL to THE SHINING) came from. This is a bit long for a silent film, and it genuinely feels epic in a 'late at night, time's standing still, anything could happen' sort of way. That, and the 1920s setting only add to the mythic atmosphere (the special effects must have made a terrific impact in their day) and although the redemption arc has been copied enough in the century since this film's intitial release for viewers to guess where it's going, it's the surprisingly grim details that make this linger in the mind, and feel stained and scuffed enough to be realistic. That, and Victor Sjostrom's performance, playing into the character's frustrating traits, and the tragedy he confronts about his life at the end, seemingly too late.

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