To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief ★★★★

watched on Blu-Ray, which made the Vistavision EXTRA sharp eye-candy. There's a number of little featurettes on the disc-the one I checked out was on the production code and Hitchcock's skill at working around it by the time TcaT came out--Grace Kelly putting on suntan lotion during the beach scene where he couldn't have her wearing a bikini, that sort of thing---unsurprisingly, the two biggest bones of contention were the dialogue about Niagara Falls and the fireworks scene, but it was surprising how MUCH of the dialogue in the film was occasionally uncomfortable for the censors. Anyway, I mention this because part of the reason Hitchcock was able to get away with as much as he did was due to the 'clean' images of Grant and Kelly, and that ties into one of the themes of the film that makes it so effective, I find, even on rewatching--the acknowledgement of the world's brutality and the ghosts of the past, even while refusing to let them pull you back down, by embracing the trappings of the 'good life' forcefully, but without hiding in them (I'm thinking of Grant's throwaway dialogue during the quiche scene about his cleaning lady once strangling a German general, for instance).

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