When They See Us

When They See Us ★★★½

I've read some criticism of the length of this and the way it's structured, which-when coupled to the CONTENT, to the fact that this is a true story, a catalogue of how these five boys' lives were distorted by every single step of the justice system either failing them or outright attacking them--makes it pretty harrowing. It's a slow watch. And I think that length, and that attention to detail (we get nearly an hour revolving around the forced, faked confessions at the start for instance, and DuVernay's camera dancing back and forth from confession to confession really shows the spiral of the case against the 5 forming) really helps to underline and drive home the sheer length of the ordeal the 5 went through, and the lingering scars they were left in----this isn't particularly interested in being at all subtle-it's a raw painful monument of a film, and like or dislike it, it's powerful at focusing attention on the injustice that was done here.

Also, pretty sure Moon River is stuck to part 4 of this for the rest of my life.

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