The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

First of all, don't fuck me on a sequel to this! I'm not sure who I'm telling - but DON'T fuck with me on this! Make one or two more and you can go about, with your superheroes repressing their parent rage, while punching each other in their underwear! DON'T

So, Fat Crowe and Stache Goslin' are a pair of loser private dicks... Do I really have to go on? Fucking hilarious! All right! All right! Anyway, it's the 70's and... There's porno parties! The fucking end!

It's nearly perfect. The chemistry is great. The jokes are hilarious. The action is hard hitting and fun. The plot has a simple premise, but it's complex enough so there's no easy answer - it keeps you engaged for the whole ride!

Crowe, Gosling are at peak performance - but you know who stole the show? Angourie Rice! Who is that? She's a little girl and she held her own with these two! M-V-P! M-V-P!

Like I said, it's nearly perfect - in the sense that it could use a bit of polish in the middle and a bit snappier rhythm to the dialogue.

I had so much fun with this - it matched my expectations and gave me more of what I didn't know I wanted. Everyone should watch this because I wan't more and as previously stated - don't fuck with me. Thank you! Bye!

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