Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★½

Somehow simultaneously the most adventurous and most generic Marvel Movie.

There are a couple really trippy visual sequences here that are neat (although they sometimes feel lazily "inspired by" Inception), but everything else is lame as fuck.

Our protagonist isn't particularly strange. Just a smug, bland douche who's somewhat hard to root for. He's a pretty major dick to everyone just about all the time.

Pretty much zero worthwhile characters. The superb cast feels largely wasted, particularly the excellent Mads Mikkelsen as perhaps the lamest, boringest, and altogether most flaccid villain in the actual history of superhero movies.

Thematically kind of a mess, which is too bad, because we could definitely use a distraction from the mundanity of the plot. It's barely a story, such as it is. Just an origin explanation with requisite action filler.

Music is generic and overused. Really that's an apt description of most of this film.

It's a really cool concept, so it's strange how uninteresting it all is, but when you have the most tired out story approach possible with stock characters and mediocre production design, I suppose it's no mystery.

I'd much rather just watch Inception again honestly. Or Enter the Void. This isn't really worth sitting through for the few neat moments.

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