Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can ★★★★½

My new favorite Spielberg film!!

Oh boy I loved this so much, Leo is truly a star. Everything about this movie was so well done, I’m truly amazed.

The shots were incredible, I laughed so many times, and Frank was the mischievous, smart, misunderstood character we all needed :) 

I’m obviously a sucker for heist movies, and I believe this film fits into this genre but is also so much more at the same time. 

also, the relationship between Frank and Carl is something so wonderful. The way they are both so lonely and somewhat rely on each other, even though they are living completely different lives is so special. 

I actually teared up a little ngl🥺

< memento 
> Harry Potter 7
I have a tendency to never watch what I plan on watching but whatever LOL

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